Industry insiders and experts predict that the approval of US-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to track bitcoin could lead to as many as $5 billion in institutional investments in the near future, in addition to a significant influx of new retail and institutional investors.

Eleven applications—including those from Black Rock, Vanguard, Bitwise, Greyscale, Franklin Templeton, Valkyre, ark Investment, Hashdex, Fidelity, CBOE, and Invesco—have been authorized by the SEC’s verdict. Certain products are anticipated to start trading on Thursday, according to media reports, which will result in a very competitive market.

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“Flood gates are now open,” declared Sidharth Sogani, co-founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency research firm CREBACO Global. Now, institutional money will start to come in. About $5 billion is expected in the next forty-five days. Since the liquidity concerns associated with ETFs will gradually diminish, the price of Bitcoin will become more stable.

He went on, “This is a big step for decentralization going mainstream.”

Co-founder and group CEO of PeepalCo and CoinSwitch Ashish Singhal stated that while the ETF news may cause some “short-term volatility in the market, the bigger picture is the long-term potential.”

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Eleven funds will be listed on a stock exchange when the US SEC approves bitcoin ETFs. Eleven funds will be listed on a stock exchange when the US SEC approves bitcoin ETFs.
India should get on board with bitcoin since it is here to stay. India should get on board with bitcoin since it is here to stay.
For retail consumers, an ETF will be the most straightforward way to get exposure to Bitcoin. “Without the hassles of digital wallets or significant changes to investment strategies, investors can profit from fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin with ease,” the individual stated in a post on X, which was once Twitter.

“Imagine the impact if 401(k) retirement plans start investing in Bitcoin ETFs,” Singhal continued. A whopping $6 trillion is managed for around 60 million Americans by these funds. Millions of new people will be introduced to cryptocurrency thanks to this flood of retail investors.

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The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the nation, WazirX, whose vice president is Rajagopal Menon, predicted that the effects of this occurrence will last for a while. The businesses will move quickly to deploy their Bitcoin marketing teams as institutional funding floods the market.

“April is the month of halving, and the combination of the excessive money supply and the supply shock is the perfect storm for the price of Bitcoin,” he continued. Next, as rumors regarding an Ethereum ETF gain traction, the focus will shift to Ethereum.

When questioned about the potential impact on India, he told Moneycontrol that everything will ultimately depend on the regulations that are put in place because, even with regard to the SEC, US regulatory talks have been going on for the past few years.

This kind of conversation has not yet taken place in India. Since India is a party to the G20 Delhi declaration, which lays out a regulatory framework until 2025, things will change, he stated.

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