The top Bitcoin websites that let you make money online are listed here. This is the ideal list if you’re trying to earn some Bitcoin online by doing quick chores. I only include the greatest websites on this list, which I update frequently.

The Bitcoin economy is rapidly evolving, and new websites are popping up that let you earn some Bitcoin online. It’s important to keep in mind that this might also be a time-trap, leading to prolonged engagement without much reward. For this reason, you must narrow these down.

Furthermore, I’m excluding the obvious concepts; sure, you can just obtain employment, get paid in US dollars, and convert those to bitcoin, but that isn’t the purpose of this post. Recall that, as this article from Wired illustrates, even modest Bitcoin purchases can pile up.

See the ways to earn Bitcoin online page for a more detailed list.

A special thanks to online wallets like Coinbase and Circle that make it incredibly simple for the average consumer to buy and trade Bitcoin. Naturally, if you possess a significant quantity of Bitcoin (let’s say more than 2 BTC), purchase a hardware wallet such as a Ledger, Trezor, or KeepKey. These wallets store your Bitcoin offline in a secure enclosure.

1. Coinbase

For a considerable amount of time, Coinbase has been the mainstay of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency worlds. They are several things, an online wallet and an exchange, valued at several billions of dollars. They want to get more involved in everything from blockchain identity to institutional custody. By using this link, you can obtain $10 in free Bitcoin if you’re a new Coinbase user. Along with quickly entering new markets, Coinbase is also rapidly integrating with other cryptocurrencies including BCash, Litecoin, and Ether.

More intriguingly, you may register with Coinbase and earn up to $161 immediately right now. How? through Coinbase Earn. To get rewarded by Coinbase, you must educate yourself on other cryptocurrencies and tokens (see the money as a marketing spend for these tokens to one of the largest retail wallets/exchanges).

2. Binance

Binance has emerged as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platform. According to estimates, Binance made more money last year than the London Stock Exchange Group! That’s quite a statement (albeit that was during the height of the 2017 crypto frenzy). Still, Binance ought to be your first choice if you’re wanting to trade or invest in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. It is among the greatest bitcoin sites available for trading Bitcoin with altcoins without having to provide documentation to dubious exchanges because of its generous restrictions on 2BTC withdrawals without KYC.

3. 21 Tasks

The Bitcoin business that has raised the most money to date is called 21. As of right now, it is solely a Bitcoin business—not a “blockchain” startup. As a result, it’s among the greatest and most promising Bitcoin websites available. It attempts to perform things with Bitcoin that were impractical in the previous economy. These things could be game changers tomorrow, even if they don’t amount up to much now. With 21 there are several methods to make money. If you’re a well-known person, you can charge individuals to contact you; you get paid when you respond to their message. This lessens spam and pays you for your work (or allows you to give your money to charity). You can complete some of the twenty-one tasks on your desktop computer and some of them on your phone. The earnings are respectable and much greater than those of PTC models. It might face competition in the future from programs like Mechanical Turk from Amazon. Recently, Coinbase acquired 21.

4. Anonymous Ads

Compared to other Bitcoin ad networks like CoinURL, BitMedia, Operation Fabulous, and BitAds, this one is my favorite. In contrast to the previously described pay-per-click models, anonymous advertisements utilize a pay-per-impression model, with the amount paid contingent upon many circumstances. Everything is available for your viewing, and the stats are incredible. I’m pleased with this so far; I also use it on my website. This is a fairly passive approach to earn Bitcoin if you have a blog or website. The proprietor has been a frequent contributor to the Bitcointalk forums since the network’s inception, making it possibly the longest-running ad network for the Bitcoin community.

5. Coinality

Without a doubt, Coinality is the greatest employment aggregator for Bitcoin users. Keep a watch on Coinality if you have any interest at all in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In addition to sourcing jobs from other websites, such as Indeed and Upwork, it permits specific listings on its own platform. They also provide a wide range of positions, from freelance writers to full-time developers. Small jobs like logo design to full-time software developer jobs are available on websites like Coinbase.

6. BitcoinGet

This well-known website was highlighted in the Wired piece about how homeless individuals used it to engage in “digital hustling.” Here, there are two well-liked methods to earn some Bitcoin: completing CrowdFlower microtasks and watching Virool videos. You can do a number of the microtasks in a single day, and they pay ranging from 30 to 600 uBTC. Right now, the virgin videos pay 40uBTC for a 30-second video. Location determines availability; for example, in the US, there are typically 10–12 videos posted each day; this means that you can make about 400–500 uBTC simply from the videos and an additional amount from the microtasks. Automated payments are made in a day or two on most occasions. Surveys are now another option to earn Bitcoin on the website.

7. Bitcoin-Paying Paid to Click (PTC) Websites

BitsForClicks, formerly known as Coin Ad: Amazingly, this has grown to be the most well-liked and reliable Paid to Click Bitcoin website. For a number of factors, including the fact that it always has a consistent supply of ads and a very good inventory of ads. It also helps since we are among the first and still-existing Bitcoin PTC sites. For many bidders, it’s a low-risk time investment because of the little minimum reward. Thus far, they have achieved some success; despite being relatively new, the site is becoming more and more popular with marketers. This ought to be the one Bitcoin PTC website you choose if you could only choose one. As an added bonus, have a look at BTCClicks if you enjoy this area.

Bitter: Originally the greatest Bitcoin PTC (pay to click) service available, Bitter’s user experience has gradually declined. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to check out if you’re a PTC enthusiast. Positively, Bitter offers a much better user experience because they create their own HTML5 “bux scripts,” which are a ridiculous feature that most other PTC sites seem to use. Additionally, there are no pointless recaptchas to do; the verification process is easier. This is particularly crucial if you’re using TOR to access it, as recaptcha can be annoying.


8. iFaucet

If you follow every website, this is the greatest Bitcoin faucet rotator and can award you with a sizable sum of satoshis for faucets. It is a rather thorough and up-to-date list of all the available Bitcoin faucets, and it handles the entire process for you. It also offers excellent search filters, so you may eliminate a captcha type you detest from the list. Sites that you dislike can also be added to your blacklist. Lastly, for a more seamless surfing experience, iFaucet eliminates intrusive popups and other unwanted website elements.

9. Predictious

Predictious is a Bitcoin prediction market where you may profit by making fresh wagers or comments and correctly spotting future occurrences. On the other hand, keep an eye out for any emerging decentralized prediction markets that could displace centralized prediction markets. Most significantly, Augur is creating a fully decentralized prediction marketplace that will easily beat Predictious in terms of fees, trust, and security. Augur is built on Ethereum but directly accepts Bitcoin bets. All told, Augur has raised several million dollars.

Ads4BTC: This is a really good Bitcoin PTC website. It looks and feels a lot like Neobux, except it accepts Bitcoin payments. They often have a strong inventory of ads, which is necessary for a long-term profitable PTC. The payment for each advertisement is made up front, and the advertising are arranged according to time. The website offers regular Bitcoin payouts at a greater minimum payout amount, or a smaller payout via a microwallet.

Another well-liked website for earning free Bitcoin online is ABitBack. Radio Loyalty is the most well-liked service here; it gives you 1 point (30uBTC) every few minutes for simply listening to the radio. Although Virool movies pay less than those at BitcoinGet, Supersonic Ads and Virool videos are still quite popular. Additionally, Litecoin is supported (also see how to earn Litecoin).

Coin Chat: Simply conversing with other Bitcoin lovers and learning about topics ranging from politics to programming to Bitcoin is a fantastic way to earn some cryptocurrency. In any of the chat rooms, you can just relax and have fun. At random, you’ll win some Bitcoins. It’s not much, so you should only do this if you enjoy interacting with members of the Bitcoin community online. However, an hour of focused discussion can earn roughly 1 million Bitcoin.

Bit Visitor: This site is one of the oldest and still active pay-per-click ad watching services, and it pays really well, so I had to mention it. Almost every day is a payout date because the minimum is only 100uBTC. The website has occasionally experienced issues, but generally it is well-regarded in the neighborhood and draws a lot of visitors and businesses.

Daily Bitcoins: Due of its exceptional quality, this is the only faucet I will discuss. Every hour, 10uBTC is paid. You might as well use it every hour if you have the time and spend a lot of time online. Keep in mind that there are additional bonus payouts, some of which are as small as 50uBTC and others as large as 1000uBTC (very uncommon). These are located on the top under the Prizes tab. As a bonus, you’ll also receive multiple PeerBet certificates and coupons for advertising on that website.

Rewards Live: Despite my early doubts about its potential, Rewards Live is fast growing into one of my favorite websites for making little Bitcoin payments. They appear to be quite sustainable and are doing fairly well. I would include Rewards Live in the list of top Bitcoin sites because they may offer the most options for earning Bitcoin online. Here’s simply a quick example: More are being added, including Matomy, Sponsor Pay, Radium One, Super Rewards, WallAds, RevU, and Payment Wall. There are many possibilities for payouts as well. You can withdraw using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin, but if you choose not to use cryptocurrencies, there are several gift cards available. Naturally, I would recommend using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin! An further perk is that the site is expanding the opportunities to earn money to include giveaways based on chance.

These are the greatest Bitcoin websites that I am aware of for making money online with Bitcoin. You might also find my more in-depth post on free Bitcoin interesting. How do you feel about these offerings? Tell me.

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